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These articles are based on dating quotes. There is a lot to say about dating – good and bad, so let’s talk about it.

8 Quotes About Emotional Abuse That May Clear Things Up For You

When someone affects your mental and emotional state in a negative way, you may be a victim of emotional abuse. Sometimes we feel under attack no matter how nice other people are being, but sometimes we are actually under attack by our parents, friends, lovers, coworkers, or strangers, and it can affect everything from our self-esteem to what we accomplish …

5 Love Quotes That Might Inspire More Love In Your Life

Is love starting to take on an ugly tone for you? These 5 love quotes may help you see love in a different way and bring more love into your life. 1. You Don’t Need To Change To Be Loved Never change who you are just because you’re afraid of losing them. If they really love you, your imperfections won’t …

8 Quotes That Could Help You Put An End To Your Unhealthy Relationship

Are you in an unhealthy relationship? Are you being abused, manipulated, or treated poorly? Are you mistreating your partner? Are you or your partner not present in the relationship? Do things constantly feel rough and bad in your relationship? If so, then you may be wondering whether to stay in your unhealthy relationship, or you may be trying to figure …

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