Tag: Awareness Quotes

These quotes on awareness will help you understand your awareness more and maybe even help you gain some awareness around various things in your life.

Life And A Canoe: 6 Quotes That Make The Two Very Similar

Every considered how riding in a canoe relates to life? No? Well then these quotes are going to give you a new perspective on canoeing or life or both! 1. Think Of This Quote When Your Relationship Is Rocky A relationship is like a canoe. It has to be balanced or it won’t work – Unknown This is a good …

6 Quotes From Sonia Choquette About Intuition

Sonia Choquette gave a lesson on Hay House’s World Psychic Summit called ‘Tune In: Follow Your Intuition To Fulfillment And Flow’. Not long ago, I almost took a course by Sonia on intuition, but I opted for another course instead. After listening to her lesson for an hour, I regretted my decision. I wish I would have taken her course …

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