5 Quotes About UFOs That Help Explain How Many People Feel

The subject of UFOs can be touchy for many people. Many people believe, with great conviction, something about UFOs – one way or the other. – so they are very passionate when they talk about their beliefs around the subject. While some people believe certain things about UFOs and some believe that UFOs don’t exist, there are a lot of beliefs that fall somewhere in the middle. Following are some quotes about UFOs that help explain how a lot of people feel.

Quotes About UFOs

1. It’s Not Crazy To Wonder If We Are Alone

Are we alone or not in the Universe? Are we being visited? These are two of the biggest and most profound questions we can ask.- Nick Pope

The fact is that there are 10 billion galaxies in the observable universe, and around 1 billion trillion stars in just what we can observe. So isn’t kind of arrogant to think that we are the only life anywhere? Isn’t that more crazy that wondering if we are alone in the universe?

Moreover, there were over 83,000 UFO sightings in 2017. Isn’t it more crazy to ignore that fact and pretend like all of these sightings were bogus?

2. A UFO Doesn’t Have To Equal Aliens

There is no reason to assume that because you don’t know what you are looking at it equals aliens that visited us from outer space. – Neil deGrasse

Most people see a UFO and automatically assume that aliens are the driving force behind it, but the fact is that a UFO is an Unidentified Flying Object, so it doesn’t always have to equal aliens.

A balloon flying in the sky that is unrecognizable as a balloon could be called a UFO. That doesn’t mean it comes from outer space and is powered by aliens.

It’s very interesting that many UFO sightings don’t come with a reasonable explanation.

But, there are many explanations for why something is up in the sky, and just as it’s important to keep an open mind that we are not alone in this huge universe, it’s also important to keep an open mind that not every UFO is powered by aliens.

I Know People Like This!

3. No Belief Is Required For UFOs

There is no doubt about the existence of UFOs. UFO means “Unidentified Flying Objects” not “alien spaceship.” There have been squillions of recorded UFO sightings, so no belief required. – Barry Hutchison

When you think of UFOs as Unidentified Flying Objects then there really is no belief required. All you have to do is go online and see one of the thousands upon thousands of videos of UFOs.

Some people want to believe there are aliens in those UFOs.

Some people want to believe that the government is behind those UFOs.

Some people want to believe that those UFOs are just something easily explained.

But, especially now when everyone has a video camera, nobody needs to muster up belief that UFOs have been seen over and over again.

4. Reputable People Have Seen UFOs

I saw this illumination that was moving with respect to the stars… so, technically, it becomes an unidentified flying object. – Buzz Aldrin

Even if you don’t believe Joe who posted his fuzzy UFO video on YouTube, it’s hard not to believe the people who fly in the sky or a person who literally travels in a spacecraft – which is ironic considering some people say there are no such things as a spacecraft.

Bottom line: There are many UFO sightings from pilots.

What would a pilot or an astronaut get from making up a story about seeing something they can’t explain?

5. Why Can’t We Just Get Some Interesting UFO Footage?

UFOs: The reliable cases are uninteresting and the interesting cases are unreliable. – Carl Sagan

This is an older quote, but it technically still applies to what a lot of people are thinking.

There is a lot of UFO footage out there where you think, ‘What the heck is that?’ while you are watching it. But, honestly, it’s not that interesting. Seeing things flying in the sky far away, moving around, blinking, and disappearing isn’t that interesting.

If we could only see footage from reliable sources that contained more than just some dots or lights in the sky. Maybe a UFO door opening. Or a UFO flying over some people as they lay out on their back deck. Or a UFO crashing in front of some people taking video for a nature documentary. Now that’s when things would get interesting.

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