12 Tweets About Fidget Spinners That Prove The Trend Isn’t Dead

There are some toys that become so popular you can’t help but know what they are and fidget spinners are one of them. Although, they didn’t start out as a toy, let’s face it, most people are using them for fun. Some people are trying to say that fidget spinners are a thing of the past, but I see them everywhere I go, both online and offline! Following are 12 tweets about Fidget Spinners from July to prove that people are still thinking about them, talking about them, and using them.

Fidget Spinner Quotes From Twitter

1. People Still Want To Know More About Fidget Spinners

One of the commentators on Greg’s tweet pointed out the following video talking about the fidget spinner. I think it’s informative and funny, and it’s worth a watch if you are wondering about the history of fidget spinners. One of the things I find sad is that the original fidget spinner inventor isn’t getting a dime from this craze. She held the patent on these things for eight years, but in 2005 she couldn’t afford the renewal fee and surrendered it. She has been quoted as saying that she’s not upset – she’s just happy that something she invented is working, but as a human being who couldn’t afford to pay for the patents renewal fee, she has to be a little ticked that she could be sitting on a ton of money now.

2. Is It Better To Avoid Fidget Spinners?

For many people, fidget spinners are a waste of time. Even the notion that they can help ADHD, anxiety, and autism, is being challenged. And, because they are so distracting, they are being banned in classrooms, which goes against what they were actually created for.

Mark Rapport, a clinical psychologist, said in this article that fidget spinners are more likely to be a distraction than a benefit. And, if you have ever watched a kid playing with one (or been someone who played with one for way too long) you would have to agree. They could make you less productive in life which isn’t a good thing when you want to use your time wisely.

3. Case In Point!

This tweet proves my point and many people’s theories about fidget spinners making people less productive and valuable to society.

4. Still, Kids Are Finding Fidget Spinners Valuable

When you want something signed, it’s usually something that you plan on keeping for a while. So, fidget spinners obviously have some value to their owners, unlike other toys that get stepped on, left behind in parks, and thrown out.

5. And Then There Are People Who Just Don’t Get The Hype

The way people are talking about fidget spinners you would think they are the coolest thing in the world. They should be fun for you too, right? Well, Dan Gheesling speaks for a lot of people who just don’t get what the big deal is.

6. Still, The Hype Is Spreading

The fascination with fidget Spinners is making its way across the world. It shows just how connected we all are when it comes to things that distract and entertain.

7. And There Is Still Money To Be Made!

Anytime something this popular pops up, people are going to capitalize on it. There is a fidget spinner magazine, a lip gloss thing, and who knows what else will pop up. Can you think of something the fidget spinner would be good for?

8. If You Haven’t Tried A Fidget Spinner, You Are One Of The Few

Because fidget spinners have been popular for so long, those people who haven’t tried it feel a little bit left out. But, there is still time!

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9. They Are Entertaining At Times

While the debate about whether or not fidget spinners are helpful for things like anxiety, it’s obvious they are entertaining. When something so small can entertain you so much, you know it’s something that’s going to stick around for a while.

10. And They Can Be Used For More Than Just Spinning?

In my opinion, fidget spinners are for spinning. But, some people think they are good for other things, like applying foundation?

Makeup with a fidget spinner – yes or no?? Comment below πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ Fun tutorial by @beautybyabrahamsen

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11. People Are Getting Deep About Fidget Spinners

The world is going around and around, but what if we are just living on a fidget spinner and when someone decides that the fidget spinner really is dead, our world just stops? Deep stuff!

12. You Know It’s Getting Bad When…

The bottom line is that fidget spinners are a toy. They are a distraction. They may be useful for some things, but, they are not going to help you learn and grow. If you find yourself looking down at a fidget spinner app trying to spin it, you know you are not using your time wisely at all. There may be better things out there for you to do!

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