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Each day, a new quote will be posted that can inspire, motivate, or uplift you. Every quote of the day may not resonate completely with you, but some will be powerful. In fact, some quotes of the day will be powerful enough to change your entire life.

I’ve had one simple quote make me see a situation, person, or myself completely differently and, therefore, set me on a new path in life.

Other people know things that we don’t. They have wisdom and insight that we have not gained yet. They have knowledge, beliefs, and experience that can benefit us in a positive way. That’s why their words can have such an impact on us. We can’t change our lives until we understand things differently.

Each quote of the day will be a quote from someone in the past few days, not an ancient quote or a well-known quote. So feel free to share these quotes and make them ancient and well-known!


How To Make Every Day A Day Of Gratitude

Today is supposed to be a day of gratitude for many people, but as Jack Canfield says, we are conditioned to focus on what we don’t have rather than what we do have. Even this morning, my husband got some great news, and I found myself focusing on something that we had lost rather than what he had gained. If …

Want To Live The Life You Love? Then Surround Yourself With Love

Today’s quote of the day is all about getting to live the life you love. There are many different things you can do to get a state of love or above (joy, peace, enlightenment) and attract a life that you love to you. But, one way that many people don’t focus on is surrounding yourself with people who help you …

Self-Love Will Guide You To Your Dreams: Quote Of The Day

The following quote from Ebonee Davis is an important¬†one to remember because self-love is so important for so many different aspects of life. When you make yourself a priority and take into account your happiness and well-being, you can’t live in a pit of misery. You can’t stifle yourself. You can’t hold yourself back from doing things to further your …

Quote Of The Day From T.D. Jakes

Let’s start this quote of the day section off right! Make sure you take the anonymous poll at the end! Today’s quote of the day comes from T.D. Jakes and his sermon on November 19th, 2017. The lesson was called ‘Checked You To Bless You’, and, to me, was a powerful lesson on staying connected to your faith and spiritual …

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